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Betfair: Introduction and Signup Bonuses

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1 Betfair: Introduction and Signup Bonuses on Mon Nov 09, 2015 7:30 am


Betfair is the largest betting exchange by some margin and therefore it is an essential part of betting as often, you'll find the best and biggest odds here as well as the best liquidity. It is also virtually the only place where it is effective to lay some of the less popular markets like correct scores as although other exchange markets offer this there is not really the money there to make it efficient.

Betfair is not without downsides though. You pay the highest commissions here and it's not always automatic that the odds are the best here. Furthermore outages are relatively frequent here, in past experience you can expect one once every few months at really inconvenient times. If you have a lot of open positions this can be very painful if you don't have the funds to repair them somewhere else.

There are always good deals on signup, check the latest at:

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